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meetings with government officials, so the government is definitely connected as far as in the district. prince georges and montgomery county. we want to tell viewers that today is the last day to tie down everything that needs to be tied down, to get the things that you need, to get the water, to get the perishable items. because, yes, there will be outages. i'm going to say that again. yes, there will be outages. what's important is that this is a safety, an emergency situation. we want your viewers and our customers to be safe. we want our pepco employees to be safe. we have to make sure our families are safe before we go to work. we're doing that now so we can get the restoration effort started and get everybody back up as soon as we can. >> quickly, we have about 30 seconds left. what's the message you want to let people know about? what should they expect from pepco? expect the power to go out, then what should they expect in terms of response from your crews and call centers? >> what they should expect is better communication from pepco. we will have our website updated, as all i
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1